Team Pachedu
n About Us
When the voters' roll was offered to members of the public at a fee, many rushed to buy so they could see for themselves. This is how Team Pachedu was born; a group of individuals keen to combine their efforts into exploring the voters roll. Team members come from a myriad of backgrounds consisting of, but not limited to, human rights experts, electoral experts, political analysts, computer programmers, data scientists, linguists & bio-statisticians. It was a case of people attracted to one another for a worthy cause. Working independently the team members had to multitask, work mostly at night and strike a balance with daytime jobs and other obligations.

n Our Report
We would like to thank the people who collaborated with us, volunteering to do the proofreading, checking for errors and guiding us on how to present our analysis as succinctly as possible. To the fans we grew in a short space of time, you gave us the zeal to continue working deep into the nights. You are the real owners of this work. We do not want you to just read it as something pertaining to the 2018 elections but as a foundation of citizen engagement and participation. You are all Team Pachedu. We are all Team Pachedu. When you are done reading this report, put Zimbabwe in the heart of the matter. There is no limit for an inspired people, we are our own limitation towards greatness, where Zimbabwe goes, it is up to us, we are the people.
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